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In order to produce quality dairy products, one has to know in depth and love the cheesemaking craft. It takes a lot of passion and artistry. Crete has a long tradition on dairy farming and it has been offering different types of excellent cheeses, known worldwide.

Our Creamery in Zaros Crete

A certified lab


We are two, young dairy producers, Vangelis Saridakis and Giorgos Theriakis. We come from the “village of waters” where the most unique, natural, mineral water of Crete springs. A water of great bacteriological analysis and quality. Zaros is our village -where we experienced ranching since children. It is where we learned the craft of cheesemaking.

We chose to expand our knowledge and get professionally involved with cheesemaking. Our aim is to offer a line of traditional cheeses, made with the area’s fresh milk, full of love and respect. Following traditional recipes, we bring on your table tasty, local and guaranteed dairy products.

Our home is where we create. We chose to stay in our village and search for ideas that would evolve our production. Our cheese factory meets with all the quality standards, in order to offer you a complete range of products.


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Premium Product Foods with its perennial experience in fine products guarantees high quality. Follow us on a journey of distinct, various tastes and qualitative production.